Lynx Smart Module is the latest, best-in-class, two-wire innovation from Toro that provides more control than ever before. Sprinkler technology is getting smarter, and Toro’s Lynx® Smart Module is a perfect example. New for 2018, this component is the latest 2-wire control system technology from Toro, designed for INFINITY® and FLEX800 sprinkler systems.

The Lynx Smart Module is the result of Toro’s intimate understanding of the needs of golf course superintendents and decades of engineering expertise. Key features include precision control, high-speed diagnostics and robust lightning protection — as well as the ability to make easy updates with the latest advancements. Here’s a closer look at what this new technology has to offer.

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Run tests up to 10x faster – reducing test times from 20 minutes to 1.5 minutes. The Lynx Smart Module also provides greater visibility into course irrigation systems than ever before which means superintendents can quickly identify and solve issues.

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Superintendents can apply water with one-second resolution. The exact amount of water is placed exactly where it’s needed.

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Fully programmable software can be upgraded remotely providing superintendents new features and benefits with a click.

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They Lynx Smart Module is built to withstand tough lightning conditions and makes sure your system continues to work. In addition, it works with the Lynx Smart Hub, which protects the flow managed irrigation schedule, even in the event of a central failure.

The Lynx Smart Module is the latest result of Toro's innovation, engineering expertise and long-term commitment to serving the needs of golf course management professionals.

Lynx Smart Module

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