Selet Timer

How to Select the Right Sprinkler Timer

When it comes time to upgrade your sprinkler timer you may have noticed there are a lot of options. Determining which timer is right for you can seem daunting. Here are a few things to consider when shopping to help you narrow down the decision process.


Guide to saving water and your lawn

The splish-splashing onto your sidewalks is not water efficient. Nor does it need to happen. Here you can find some useful information about our water intelligent sprinklers, plus some tips on watering.


Ways to Save Water in the Summer Heat Wave

Evaporation is more prevalent in the summer days, as well as the frostbite of chilly winter mornings. More so, water is essential to have, and it is always safe to remain in a conservation mentality. Check out these helpful tips on where to start.


Ways to Save Water: Best Practices for Watering Trees

Trees have roots as long as they are tall. In order to monitor their health and ensure they are getting the necessary amount of water, Toro’s Precision Soil Sensor has probes that detect the moisture, or lack of, in your soil. The soil sensor communicates to your controller and ensures the proper amount of watering.


Ways to Save Water at Home

We get it. Conserving every drop of water is only achievable if you are there to watch every spray move and swivel at all times. Therefore, our EVOLUTION® systems and sprinklers work hand in hand to do the water monitoring for you.


High-tech yard tools to take the hassle out of watering

Creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable lawn and landscape is now easier than ever. Putting technology to work in your yard takes the guesswork out of watering.


How Often Should I Upgrade My Irrigation System Controller?

For many of us, upgrading our phones, computers, even our cars is something we do every few years. Updating home technology likely doesn’t happen as often. But, keeping current can save you time and money.