Keeping water on your lawn and out of the gutter.

An elevation change as little as one foot can cause your irrigation system to drain through the lowest lying sprinklers in your yard. The Precision™ Check Valve (PCV) helps save water and prevents run off on sidewalks and street gutters by immediately closing – or checking – as soon as your irrigation system shuts off. Without the constant pressure of a running system, the stainless-steel spring in the PCV closes the valve and holds all of your system’s water in the pipes where it belongs. The PCV is made of high-strength plastic and easily screws into the bottom of all manufacturers’ ½” sprinklers.


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The Toro Precision™ Check Valve saves water and eliminates runoff by immediately sealing the spray head at its connection point at the end of the irrigation cycle, thereby preventing the draining of lateral lines through the lowest-lying heads.

The PCV fits all major manufacturers’ spray bodies and fittings.

Capable of compensating for elevation changes in a zone of up to 15 feet.