• Hold Back Strength of Up to 15 Feet - Capable of compensating for elevation changes in a zone of up to 15 feet, the Precision™ Check Valve (PCV) eliminates issues with low head drainage and the resulting water waste.

  • Spring-Actuated Design - Spring actuation ensures an immediate check when the irrigation cycle ends.

  • Low Profile - With an overall profile of just under 1-1/4” cubic inches, the PCV-500 adds less than 3/8” of height to retrofitted spray heads and can be retrofit to side inlet spray heads with minimal digging. The low profile design makes the PCV-500 ideal for turf or slope applications.

  • A Universal Fit - Featuring 1/2” NPT threads, the PCV fits all major manufacturers’ spray bodies and fittings.

Low head drainage can be seen in an elevation change of fewer than six inches. The resulting runoff and water waste can lead to landscape erosion, unsafe conditions on hardscapes and sidewalks, and pooling around spray heads. The Toro Precision™ Check Valve saves water and eliminates runoff by immediately sealing the spray head at its connection point at the end of the irrigation cycle, thereby preventing the draining of lateral lines through the lowest-lying heads.

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