Keep your lawn beautiful and use 35% less water.

Our most efficient nozzles yet, the Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles feature patented H20 Chip Technology and uses up to 35% less water while achieving the same spray distance as conventional spray nozzles. The lower flow rate of these unique nozzles allows for fewer valves, helping to keep your irrigation system simple and manageable, while maintaining a healthy lawn.


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On the outside, Precision Series Spray Nozzles look like standard spray nozzles, but the performance of the patented H²O Chip Technology on the inside is unmatched. The H²O Chips create high-frequency streams of water that oscillate at a rate of 200 cycles per second. The result is a matched precipitation rate of 1” per hour – an industry first – while using up to 35% less water than a standard spray nozzle.

All Precision Series Spray Nozzles can be combined on the same zone for greater design and installation flexibility, which equates to time savings on the job site.

Whether a new installation or retrofit project, the comprehensive range of Precision nozzles meets the needs of any project and all models are available in Toro (Male) and Female threads.

Precision Series Spray Nozzles with Pressure Compensation maintain a 1” per hour precipitation rate and minimizes misting and atomizing when system pressure exceeds 40 psi. Integrated pressure compensation can minimize the need for a regulating head at a fraction of the cost.