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As a part of the Precision™ Series family of nozzles, our Precision Series Rotating Nozzles present irrigation efficiency thanks to their multi-trajectory stream delivery method, and low precipitation rate. Capable of spray distances adjustable between 14 feet and 26 feet, and adjustable spray patterns between 45° and 360°, Precision Series Rotating Nozzles can be tailored to meet the needs of nearly any landscape.


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Utilizes a proven planetary gear drive, variable stator and turbine to rotate the nozzle.

Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles supply matched precipitation with any arc and radius from 14 to 26 feet. Water is applied slowly and evenly to reduce runoff and wasted water.

Water is delivered more slowly and evenly than conventional spray nozzles. The matched precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour is maintained after up to a 20% radius adjustment, which helps prevent excess run times often set to stay within watering windows.

All Precision rotating Nozzles are covered with a Five-Year warranty.