• Simplifies maintenance by segmenting system into manageable areas. Automated diagnostics keep you informed.
  • The unique LYNX Smart Hub can store and run a fully flow-managed irrigation schedule, even if central computer is offline. Best in class broadband lightning protection.
  • Two-way communication between the central and every sprinkler enables the addition of more SMART features. Creates a convenient connection point for soil, flow and status sensors.
  • Provides in-field manual operation or troubleshooting. Operate sprinklers right from the Smart Hub pedestal, with the sprinklers in view on the course. No need to radio or return to the office.

Lynx® Smart Hub combines the benefits of satellites and decoders and delivers intelligent simplicity. This new field controller adds the security, programmability and sensing capabilities of a satellite system to the benefits and simplicity of the Lynx® GDC 2-Wire Control System. Moreover, the Smart Hub provides flexibility to provide unique solutions to golf courses whether in colder, rainy climates or warmer, drier climates.

  • Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; Input Current: 1.6 A/1.0 A (115/230)

  • Enclosure: Plastic Pedestal: 43.2 cm W x 101.6 cm H x 40.6 cm D; Powder Coated Steel Wall Mount: 35.6 cm W x 33 cm H x 15.2 cm D

  • 1,000 stations per Lynx Smart Hub. 5,000 stations for the entire Lynx Smart Hub system. 100 simultaneous stations per output board.

  • 64 stand-alone programs

  • 20 kV, 10 kA

  • Output Voltage: 40 V AC; Output Current: 75 VA max, Class 2, SELV

  • 20 Smart Hubs Per System

  • Maximum 1,000 stations per Lynx Smart Hub. Maximum 5,000 stations for the entire Lynx Smart Hub system.

  • 0° to 60°C
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