A simple guide to help you choose the best mower for you and your garden

How to choose a lawn mower

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Petrol Powered

46 cm - 76 cm Decks

Discover Toro's unbeatable power and reliability in lawn care with our petrol lawn mowers. From self-propelled to walk-behind models, our petrol powered range offers options for every homeowner's needs. With robust petrol engines, Toro mowers ensure powerful cutting performance for tackling tough grass and terrain with ease.

Electric Powered

36 cm - 76 cm Decks

Toro's electric lawn mowers are built for superior performance. With self-propelled, push, and cordless options, Toro offers versatility for every homeowner. Powered by efficient batteries, these mowers deliver powerful cutting while emitting zero emissions.

 How to Choose A Lawn Mower?

Most homeowners replace their petrol mower once every 7 years, and a lot can change in that time. In fact, most of today’s new mowers are easier to start, run smoother with less pollution, and are easier to use than mowers made just a few years ago. You may even find a few new features that make mowing fun! Here are some key factors to consider when choosing between a ride on or walk-behind lawn mower.

Lawn size and mowing time

How big is your lawn? A property larger than 2000 m2 typically takes several hours to mow with a walk-behind mower, while a ride on mower can mow it in half the time or even less. If you are active, you enjoy mowing and your lawn is 1000 m2 or less, a push mower should be fine.

Mower size and storage space

A riding mower will take up more space in the garden shed or garage than a walk-behind mower. In addition, a walk-behind mower can get into confined areas that are difficult or even dangerous to mow with a ride on mower.

Cost and maintenance

Obviously, a ride on mower is going to cost more to purchase, and possibly more to maintain in the long run. However, it may be well worth the investment for the significant time savings you gain if you have a larger lawn.

Alternative options

If your needs fall between a ride on and walk-behind mower, there are some “wide format” or two-blade walk-behind mowers that bridge the gap. Some of these units have cutting widths that approach small ride on mowers and can cut more lawn in less time.