• The pivoting deck combined with the flail blade ensures easy manoeuvring and increased cutting performance for even the toughest jobs
  • Standard electric start, larger fuel tank capacity and the 71 cm cutting deck increases operator productivity
  • Easily manoeuvre this powerful machine in both forward and reverse with the one-hand control feature
  • A high-strength steel deck, 3.5 cm spindle shaft and larger diameter pulleys optimise the longevity of the machine

This versatile machine is ideal for the rental and landscape contractor industries, as performance, durability and usability are key elements in its design. The commercial-grade, self-propelled brush cutter allows operators to level brush, tall weeds, saplings and heavy vegetation with ease. The Toro hydro drive brush cutter, featuring a pivoting deck, can handle brush up to 1.8 metres tall and saplings up to 5 cm in diameter.

  • Cutting Width
    71 cm
  • Cutting Height
    9.5 cm
  • Engine
    Toro engine*
  • Starter
    Electric Start
  • Fuel Capacity
    3.8 litres
  • Deck Material
    50 ksi high strength steel, pivoting ±10 degrees with spring return
  • SpindleDiameter
    3.5 cm
  • Transaxle
    Hydrogear T2
  • Dimensions
    221 cm x 76 cm x 107 cm
  • Weight
    170 kg
  • Disclaimer
    *The gross horsepower of this engine was laboratory rated at 3,600 rpm by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1940. As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual horsepower on this class of product will be significantly lower.