Dingo® TX 1300 Track Loader

  • Model: 22370
  • UPC/EAN: 21038223704
  • Intelescope Loader Arm
  • Quick Coupler System
  • Patented traction control


Ideal for landscape, hardscape and tree care jobs, the TX 1300 brings a new combination of power, reach and convenient control to the Toro® Dingo® lineup. With a 37 hp Yanmar® Tier IV diesel engine and 1,300 lbs of rated operating capacity, it’s the user-friendly workhorse you need to save time. The exclusive INTELESCOPE® loader arm with SmartLoad adds 26" of reach, and the telescoped hinge-pin height of 109" means you can lift loads up and over the side of a dumpster or truck for maximum productivity. Plus, you can operate the Toro patented traction controls with one hand and thumb-controlled telescoping extension and auxiliary functions (in the loader arm control) with the other to pick, place and dump materials with ease all day long.


Dingo TX1300 dropping rock with a grapple rake.
Extra Reach
The Intelescope® loader arm with SmartLoad gives 26" of additional reach. The telescoped hinge-pin height of 109" allows loads to be lifted over the sides of dumpsters or trucks to maximize productivity.
White male operating the Dingo TX 1000 hauling bricks with the forks attachment.
Outstanding ROC
The durable loader arm with improved q-tach casting, allows for a more durable loader arm design and up to 1,300 lbs of operating capacity.
Dingo TX1300 with a bucket
Quick Coupler System
The pressure relieving quick coupler system makes connecting and disconnecting attachments easier.
Auxiliary  Pedal
Auxiliary Pedal
User friendly auxiliary pedal on an enlarged operator platform improves ease of engagement.
Dingo TX1300 dropping dirt.
Ease of Use
Toro patented traction control and integrated hydraulic operation in loader arm control.


Air Filter Remote dual element
Cooling System Combo Downflow Radiator and Oil Cooler, Independent Fuel
Dump Angle 38 degrees
Dump Height (cm) 230.3
Dump Height (inches) 90.7
Engine Make Yanmar
Engine Model 3TNV88C
Fuel Tank (gallons) 11
Fuel Tank (liters) 42
Fuel Type Diesel
Ground Clearance (cm) 14.9
Ground Clearance (inches) 5.9
Ground Pressure 5.5 psi
Ground Speed Forward (km/h) 7.6
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 4.7
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 7.6
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 4.7
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 277.3
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 109.2
Hydraulic Flow 13.4 gpm (each pump)
Hydraulic Flow Auxiliary 14.3 gpm
Loader Arms Radial
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (HP) 37
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (kW) 27
Max Operating Height (cm) 337.8
Max Operating Height (inches) 133
Oil Capacity (liters) 4.7
Oil Capacity (quarts) 5
Overall Height w/bucket (cm) 143.5
Overall Height w/bucket (inches) 56.5
Overall Height w/o bucket (cm) 143.5
Overall Height w/o bucket (inches) 56.5
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 261.8
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 103.1
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 215.6
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 84.9
Overall Width w/bucket (cm) 116.8
Overall Width w/bucket (inches) 46
Overall Width w/o bucket (cm) 116.8
Overall Width w/o bucket (inches) 46
Rated Operating Capacity* (kg) 280
Rated Operating Capacity* (lbs) 618
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 67.8
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 26.7
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 9.2
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 34.8
RPM 3000
Track Length (inches) 126.6
Track Length(cm) 321.5
Track Width (cm) 23.1
Track Width (inches) 9.1
Tracks MERT track with "TF" style tread
Traction Dual Hydrostatic Pump
Weight (kg) 1749
Weight (lbs) 3858
Wheelbase (inches) 39


*Per ISO 14397-1


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Toro 55 Gallon Premium Engine Oil 10W-30 (Part # 121-6392)
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Toro Premium All-Season Hydraulic Fluid 1 Gallon
Toro Premium All Season Hydraulic Fluid - 1 Gallon - 4 pack (Part # 138-9459)
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DECAL KIT - HERC (Part # 145-6948)
High Volume Bucket
Loader Bucket Attachment 9 Cubic Feet (Part # 22342)
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TX 1300 Loader Bucket Attachment 4.3 Cubic Feet (Part # 22345)
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TX 1300 Low Profile Bucket Attachment (Part # 22346)
Utility blade attachment
Utility Blade Attachment (Part # 22414)
Bore drive head attachment
Bore Drive Head Attachment (Part # 22420)
Rod and Reamer Kit
Rod and Reamer Kit (Part # 22421)
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Multi-Purpose Tool, Dingo (Part # 22423)
Power box rake attachmnet
Power Box Rake Attachment (Part # 22426)
Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment
Stump Grinder Attachment (Part # 22429)
Tree fork attachment
Tree Fork Attachment (Part # 22438)
Cement mixing bowl attachment
Cement Mixer Attachment (Part # 22442)
Tiller attachment
Tiller Attachment (Part # 22445)
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Trencher Crumber (Part # 22464)
Trench Backfiller Attachment right side
Trench Backfiller Attachment (Part # 22472)
High Torque Trencher Attachmnet
High Torque Trencher Attachment (Part # 22473)
High Speed Trencher Head Attachment
High Speed Trencher Attachment (Part # 22474)
4 in 1 Bucket
4-in-1 Bucket Loader Bucket Attachment (Part # 22478)
Grapple Rake Attachment
Grapple Rake Attachment (Part # 22577)
Snow thrower attachment
Snow Thrower Attachment (Part # 22585)
Adjustable forks right side attachment
Adjustable Forks Attachment (Part # 22586)
Grapple Bucket
Grapple Bucket Attachment (Part # 22590)
Swivel auger power head attachment
High Torque Auger Attachment (Part # 22805)
Swivel auger power head attachment
Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment (Part # 22806)
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18" Auger Bit (Part # 22814)
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24" Auger Bit (Part # 22815)
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30" Auger Bit (Part # 22816)
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12" Auger Extension (Part # 22818)
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24" Auger Extension (Part # 22819)
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6" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22820)
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9" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22821)
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12" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22822)
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15" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22823)
Vibratory plow attachment
Vibratory Plow Attachment (Part # 22911)
Soil cultivator attachment
Soil Cultivator Attachment (Part # 23102)
Leveler Attachment
Leveler Attachment (Part # 23165)
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Red Paint (Part # 5340)


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Dingo® TX 1300 Sell Sheet PDF - Sellsheet-en-us

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