Dingo 323 Wheeled Mini Skid Steer

Product Information

  • Model number: 22318
  • Serial number: 250000301 - 250999999
  • Product Type: Compact Utility Loaders
Tire Chain Kit, Dingo (Part number 100-4140)
HELMET-FACE SHIELD (Part number 100-4143)
Light Kit, Dingo Chain-Drive Traction Units (Part number 100-8940)
Narrow Tire Assembly (Part number 104-0572)
Sitework Tire Tube (Part number 105-4070)
Rubber Foot Mat (Part number 105-5805)
Tube-Tire (18 X 8.50-8) (Part number 106396)
Empty Image Container
Standard Bucket
Loader Bucket Attachment (Part number 22409)
Light material bucket attachment
Light Materials Loader Bucket Attachment (Part number 22410)
Utility Blade Attachment
Utility Blade Attachment (Part number 22414)
Rotary Broom, Dingo (Part number 22415)
Counterweight, Dingo (Part number 22417)
Bore Drive Head Attachment
Bore Drive Head Attachment (Part number 22420)
Rod and Reamer
Rod and Reamer Kit (Part number 22421)
Multi-Purpose Tool, Dingo (Part number 22423)
Power Box Rake, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 22425)
Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment
Stump Grinder Attachment (Part number 22429)
Tree Fork Attachment
Tree Fork Attachment (Part number 22438)
Cement mixing bowl attachment
Cement Mixer Attachment (Part number 22442)
The Eliminator Scarifier/Groomer, Dingo (Part number 22443)
Tiller Attachment
Tiller Attachment (Part number 22445)
Snowthrower, Dingo and Dingo TX (Part number 22456)
Trencher Head, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 22470)
High-Speed Trencher Head, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 22471)
narrow bucket attachment
Narrow Loader Bucket Attachment (Part number 22520)
Over-Tire Rubber Tracks, Dingo (Part number 22662)
Steel Track Kit, Dingo (Part number 22665)
Auger Head, Dingo and Dingo TX (Part number 22802)
Universal Swivel Auger Head, Dingo and Dingo TX (Part number 22803)
Vibratory Plow, Dingo (Part number 22910)
Soil Cultivator, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 23101)
Seeder Box Kit, Dingo Soil Cultivator (Part number 23120)
Concrete Breaker, Dingo Compact Utility Loaders (Part number 23135)
Backhoe, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 23163)
Adjustable Forks, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part number 23164)
Leveller Attachment
Leveller Attachment (Part number 23165)
TUBE (Part number 232-37)
LH WHEEL AND TIRE ASM (Part number 98-2747)
ASM - WHEEL/TIRE (Part number 98-4709)
Spark Arrestor (Meets USDA Forest Service Standard 5100-1A) (Part number 98-9099)
RH WHEEL AND TIRE ASM (Part number 99-1447)
WHEEL AND TIRE ASM RH (PO (Part number 99-3140)
WHEEL AND TIRE ASM LH (PO (Part number 99-3141)
Hydraulic Relief Valve Kit, Dingo (Part number 99-4360)
  • Model number
  • Serial number
    250000301 - 250999999
  • Product Name
    Dingo® 323 Mini Skid Steer
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type
    Compact Utility Loaders
  • Product Series
    Compact Utility Loaders
  • Engine/Motor Manufacturer
  • Engine/Motor Size
    23 hp
  • Engine/Motor Type
    4 Cycle
  • Engine Starter
  • Transmission Type
  • Traction Type
  • Engine: Battery
    12V 340CCA
  • Engine: Spark Plug Gap
    .030"/ .76mm
  • Chassis: Tire Pressure
    15-20 PSI / 1-1.4kg sq. cm
  • Drive System: Ground Speed
    0-6.0km/hr / 0-3.7 mph
  • Engine: Spark Plug
    Champion Premium Gold 2071
  • Engine: Engine Oil Type
    2.1 qts.
  • Engine: Engine Speed
    3600±75 RPM

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