Dingo® TX 427 Track Loader, Narrow

  • Model: 22321
  • Patented TX control system
  • Reinforced tracks disperse weight evenly
  • Compact footprint fits through standard 36" gates


Toro Dingo® compact utility loaders possess the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site: dig, haul, plant and build. The TX 427 Narrow track design provides a low 0.35 bar ground pressure which is easy on turf. Designed with workers in mind, all of its power is harnessed in only 3 easy to use controls, which make it simple for any worker to step up and be productive immediately!


Dingo controls
Simple Controls
Three simple controls let operators get to work fast.
Dingo TX427 with the forks attachment carrying rolls of landscape covering material
Low Impact Footprint
Long-lasting, aramid reinforced tracks disperse weight evenly for a light footprint on tur, while delivering better traction in sandy or wet ground conditions.
Dingo TX427 with the bucket hauling blocks of cement
4-Pump Hydraulic System
4-pump hydraulic system lets you simultaneously operate the loader, bucket, traction, and auxiliary drives for increased operator efficiency. This system directs hydraulic power precisely where you need it!
Dingo TX427 Auger attachment digging a hole near a house
Air-Cooled Petrol Engine
A 27 hp (20 kW) Kohler® engine provides the necessary power to drive any one of the multitude of Toro attachments available for the Dingo TX.
Dingo 525 in Florida using the trencher attachment near a sidewalk
Exclusive TX Track Drive
Low centre of gravity and large footprint increase stability on side hills and provide smooth operation over rugged terrain; eliminates tyre ruts and flat tyres.
White male operating Dingo TX 1000 with forks attach going through a back yard gate.
Compact Size
Narrow enough so you can bring hydraulic power to tight areas; through doorways and gates previously accessible only by manual labour. Plus it provides zero radius turn capability for unmatched manoeuvrability.


Air Filter Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote
Cooling System Air Cooled
Displacement (cc) 725
Displacement (cu. in.) 44
Dump Angle 38-degree
Dump Height (cm) 117
Dump Height (inches) 46.1
Engine Make Kohler
Engine Model Command Pro Series CH 740
Fuel Tank (gallons) 6
Fuel Tank (liters) 23
Fuel Type Petrol
Ground Clearance (cm) 11.6
Ground Clearance (inches) 4.6
Ground Pressure 0.7 bar (5.0 psi)
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 4.5
Ground Speed Foward (km/h) 7.2
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 3.2
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 2
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 167.1
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 65.8
Hydraulic Flow 16.9 gpm (each pump)
Hydraulic Flow Auxilary 11.4 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 207 bar
Loader Arms Radial
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (HP) 25
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (kW) 18.6
Max Operating Height (cm) 228.9
Max Operating Height (inches) 90.1
Oil Capacity (liters) 2.95
Oil Capacity (quarts) 2
Overall Height (cm) 85.5
Overall Height (inches) 33.7
Overall Height w/o bucket (cm) 117
Overall Height w/o bucket (inches) 46.1
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 233.6
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 92
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 117
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 179.5
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 70.7
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 46.1
Overall Width (cm) 86.5
Overall Width (inches) 33.7
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (kg) 535
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (lbs) 242
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 55.3
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 21.8
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 10
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 37.8
RPM 3600
Tip Capacity (kg) 693
Tip Capacity (lbs) 1530
Track Length (inches) 96.6
Track Length(cm) 245.3
Track Width (cm) 14.9
Track Width (inches) 5.9
Tracks Sprocket-drive, 10 road wheels per side
Traction Dual Hydrostatic Pump
Weight (kg) 853
Weight (lbs) 1882
Wheelbase (inches) 31.2


*Per ISO 14397-1



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