The Training Guides shown here and more are available on the Service Reference CD.

Basic Technical Training

Description Part No.
Electrical System Basics 09170SL
Electrical Testing Pocket Guide 96887SL
Electrical Starting & Charging Guide 08163SL
Hydraulic Systems Basics 09169SL
Hydraulic Schematic Pocket Guide 96878SL
Reel Mower Basics (with sharpening guidelines)
*This document replaces Form No. 80-300PT
Reel Mower Terminology
Reel Mower Aftercut Appearance Troubleshooting Book
Article: The Science Behind the Art
Article: Demystifying Cutting Unit Mismatch
Rotary Mower Basics (with sharpening guidelines) 09167SL
Automated Control Electronics (ACE) System Operation and Diagnostics Book 98962SL
Lubrication Booklet 99040SL