Thank you for taking the time to submit your product related idea to The Toro Company. We sincerely value your interest in Toro.

Following is a summary of The Toro Company policy on outside ideas:

  • Toro evaluates all ideas relating to its field of business if the idea is covered by an issued United States "utility" patent. Your U.S. patent is a "utility" patent if it has a seven or eight digit "patent number", e.g., 4,925,233.
  • If the outside idea is covered by an issued United States utility patent, the inventor and/or patent owner should submit a photocopy of the complete issued patent to: Outside Idea Coordinator The Toro Company 8111 Lyndale Avenue South Bloomington , MN 55420
  • Other than giving us your name and address and a copy of your patent, do not send any additional materials or information. If you submit or have already submitted materials other than an issued United States patent, these materials are being or will be returned to you. If you have already submitted an issued United States patent, it will be evaluated pursuant to this policy. The patent will not be returned to you. We do not photocopy or retain any materials that you submit to us other than issued United States patents.
  • Toro will review the patent and will contact the inventor and/or patent owner only if Toro is interested in acquiring rights to the technology disclosed in the patent . If you have not been contacted by us within 6-8 weeks of your submission, you can assume Toro does not have an interest.
  • As always, if you have a problem or a concern with a Toro product that you own and/or operate, you should contact the dealer or distributor through which the product was purchased.
  • Again, we thank you for considering The Toro Company and we wish you success in marketing your idea.