Product Information

  • Model number: 30657
  • Serial number: 315000001 - 315000500
  • Product Type: Riding Products

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MK3 200mm (8in) 4-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02800)
MK3 200mm (8in) 6-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02801)
MK3 200mm (8in) 8-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02802)
MK3 200mm (8in) 10-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02803)
MK3 250mm (10in) 4-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02810)
MK3 250mm (10in) 6-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02811)
MK3 250mm (10in) 8-Blade Cutting Unit (Part number 02812)
Floating Cutting Unit Kit, 3-Plex Mower (Part number 02820)
Smooth Roller 200mm (8in) Cutting Unit (Part number 02822)
Grooved Roller 200mm (8in) Cutting Unit (Part number 02823)
Standard Seat Fabric Upgrade Kit (Part number 02864)
Deluxe Replacement PVC Seat, LT3240 and T4240 Mowers (Part number 02865)
Deluxe Replacement Fabric Seat, LT3240 and T4240 Mowers (Part number 02866)
Cab Mauser KS-534 (Including Heater) (Part number 02890)
Air Conditioning Kit (Part number 02891)
AIR-CON FIT KIT - KUBOTA V1505 (Part number 02892)
KIT BEACON CT2140 / 2120 (Part number 02901)
KIT BLOWER CARRIER (Part number 02903)
KIT - ROPS ASSIST (Part number 02905)
WASTE BIN KIT (Part number 02906)
Kevlar Tyre Kit, LT Series Turf Mowers (Part number 02914)
Road Light Kit (Includes Brake Light Kit) (Part number 02915)
TUV KIT - SPEED DECAL 20KPH (Part number 02980)
TUV KIT - DECK COVER 3-GANG (Part number 02982)
WARNING TRIANGLE (Part number 111-4250)
FUSE-IN LINE (Part number 111-5101)
LT3340 MUSTERBERICHT (Part number 111-5134)
TUV KIT INSTRUCTIONS (Part number 111-5240)
TUV KIT INSTRUCTIONS (Part number 111-5907)
  • Model number
  • Serial number
    315000001 - 315000500
  • Product Name
    LT3340 Heavy-Duty Triple Turf Mower Traction Unit
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type
    Riding Products
  • Product Series
    RM 3000 Series

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