Dingo® TX 1000 Wide Track

Product Information

  • Model number: 22328
  • Serial number: 411840000 - 412438202
  • Product Type: Compact Utility Loaders

Assembly Drawings

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LIGHT KIT ASM, TX1000 (Part number 144-7100)
KIT ROAD WHEEL, 5-PACK (Part number 144-7392)
KIT ROAD WHEEL, 5-PACK (Part number 144-7393)
DECAL KIT - HERC (Part number 145-6943)
Empty Image Container
Standard Bucket for Dingo® TX 1000 (Part number 22340)
Adjustable Forks, TX 1000 Compact Utility Loaders (Part number 22341)
Empty Image Container
High Volume Bucket for Dingo® TX 1000 (Part number 22342)
Light Materials Bucket
Light Materials Bucket (Part number 22410)
Utility Blade
Utility Blade (Part number 22414)
Bore Drive Head
Bore Drive Head (Part number 22420)
Empty Image Container
Rod and Reamer Kit (Part number 22421)
Multi-Purpose Tool
Multi-Purpose Tool (Part number 22423)
Power Box Rake
Power Box Rake (Part number 22426)
Stump Grinder Attachment
Stump Grinder Attachment (Part number 22429)
Hydraulic Tree Forks
Hydraulic Tree Forks (Part number 22438)
Cement Bowl
Cement Bowl (Part number 22442)
Tiller (Part number 22445)
Empty Image Container
Trencher Crumber (Part number 22464)
Empty Image Container
Trench Filler (Part number 22472)
High TorqueTrencher Head
High TorqueTrencher Head (Part number 22473)
High Speed Trencher Head
High Speed Trencher Head (Part number 22474)
Empty Image Container
4-in-1 Bucket (Part number 22478)
Narrow Bucket
Narrow Bucket (Part number 22520)
Standard Bucket with Spacer (Part number 22522)
Grapple Rake
Grapple Rake (Part number 22577)
dfdf (Part number 22584)
DINGO SNOW THROWER (Part number 22585)
High Torque Auger Power Head
High Torque Auger Power Head (Part number 22805)
Universal Swivel Auger
Universal Swivel Auger (Part number 22806)
Empty Image Container
18" Auger Bit (Part number 22814)
Empty Image Container
24" Auger Bit (Part number 22815)
Empty Image Container
30" Auger Bit (Part number 22816)
Empty Image Container
12" Auger Extension (Part number 22818)
Empty Image Container
24" Auger Extension (Part number 22819)
Empty Image Container
6" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part number 22820)
Empty Image Container
9" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part number 22821)
Empty Image Container
12" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part number 22822)
Empty Image Container
15" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part number 22823)
Vibratory Plough
Vibratory Plough (Part number 22911)
Soil Cultivator
Soil Cultivator (Part number 23102)
BACKHOE w/ 12IN BUCKET, DINGO CUL (Part number 23106)
BACKHOE FIT-UP KIT, DINGO TX 1000 (Part number 23126)
Low Flow Auxiliary Kit, TX 1000 Compact Utility Loader (Part number 23134)
Concrete Breaker, Dingo Compact Utility Loaders (Part number 23135)
Leveler (Part number 23165)
Double Detent Valve (Part number 23171)
Stump Grinder Fit-Up Kit, TX 1000 Compact Tool Carrier (Part number 23172)
Red Paint - Gallon Can (Part number 361-11)
Red Paint - Quart Can (Part number 5340)
Spark Arrestor (Meets USDA Forest Service Standard 5100-1A) (Part number 98-9099)
  • Model number
  • Serial number
    411840000 - 412438202
  • Product Name
    Dingo® TX 1000 Wide Track
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type
    Compact Utility Loaders

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