Product Information

  • Model number: 09200
  • Serial number: 412017311 - 412199999
  • Product Type: Aerators
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WINDROWER KIT-PROCORE (Part number 09220)
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TIRE SCRAPER KIT, PROCORE 648/648S (Part number 09225)
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REAR ROLLER KIT - PROCORE 648/648S (Part number 09234)
Four-Tine Head Quick Lock, ProCore 648, 864 or 1298 Aerator (Part number 09719)
2x5 Mini Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09736)
1x6 Mini Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09737)
Needle Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09739)
3/4-in Three-Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09794)
3/4-in Four-Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09796)
7/8-in Three-Tine Head, ProCore Aerator (Part number 09797)
Yellow Hydraulic Fluid Cap - Tethered (Part number 107-2174)
Premium Trans/Hyd Tractor Fluid Drum (Part number 108-1183)
Premium Trans/Hyd Tractor Fluid Pail (Part number 108-1184)
PREMIUM ALL PURPOSE GREASE (Part number 108-1190)
SLEEVE TOOL ASM (Part number 114-0590-01)
MYTURF WIRELESS HOUR ASSEMBLY (PC648) (Part number 115-2833)
FILTER-FUEL, INLINE (Part number 115-7854)
GUARD-TURF, 3-TINE (SHORT) (Part number 120-1044)
GUARD-TURF, 4-TINE (SHORT) (Part number 120-1045)
GUARD-TURF, 4-TINE, LONG (Part number 120-1046)
GUARD-TURF, 5 TINE, SHORT (Part number 120-1047)
GUARD-TURF, 6 TINE SHORT (Part number 120-1050)
GUARD-TURF, 3-TINE, LONG (Part number 120-1051)
GUARD-TURF, 5 TINE, LONG (Part number 120-1052)
GUARD-TURF, 6 TINE LONG (Part number 120-1053)
PREMIUM ENGINE OIL 10W30 (55 GAL) (Part number 121-6392)
PREMIUM ENGINE OIL 10W30 (5 GAL) (Part number 121-6393)
HEAD BEARING KIT (Part number 131-4876)
SCREEN-SILENCER, EXHAUST (Part number 93-9911)
  • Model number
  • Serial number
    412017311 - 412199999
  • Product Name
    ProCore 648 Aerator
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type

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