• The Network VP provides advanced flow management control which can substantially reduce water time windows and system download times.

    Gain all of the watering efficiencies of the Network VP® without having to replace your old satellite. In the minutes that it takes to upgrade a satellite, you can begin to take advantage of station-based flow management, runtimes in seconds, and other features that will improve your system’s watering efficiency.

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Quality assurance from a name you trust.

With the Board Exchange Program, you get the advantage of Toro’s expert technicians and state-of-the-art facilities. Your repair will benefit from the same commitment to continuous improvement and engineering expertise that we put into our manufacturing processes. In fact, we’re the only manufacturer in the industry that offers a program like this-one that lets customers take their repairs directly back to the source.

And it doesn’t stop there!

We value our customer relationships, which means we’re not satisfied until you are. Toro’s comprehensive team of field service managers, customer support representatives and controller repair technicians are committed to doing the job right-the first time. We want to do our part to make your job a little easier, including being easy to reach on our toll-free customer support line: (877) 345-TORO (8676)

For more information on the Board Exchange Program, please call or visit your local Toro distributor today.