Register My Company

In just a few steps you can get started using Toro Connect. The first user account that is created must use a registration code unique to your company. After the first user registers then others from your company can create their own user account.

If you do not have a registration code, please request one here.

Note that the person who uses the registration code will be assigned as your company's primary admin. The admin role manages who from your company can interact with The Toro Company through Toro Connect.

Read more on how to Register My Company or watch the short video clip below. 

Create Account

Each person is encouraged to create their own account to access Toro Connect. You can create your user account by clicking Create Account at the sign on page. After your account is approved by your company admin you can access Toro Connect immediately. For more information read Create Account or watch the following video clip. 

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Approve Account Requests (Admin)

Toro Connect user accounts need approval before they can be used to access the site. The primary or delegate admin at your company has the ability to manage user accounts. When an account is created an email alert is sent to the admin for approval. After the account is approved, the user is notified by email and can immediately access Toro Connect with their own username and password. For more information, read Approve Accounts or follow along in the short video below.

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Reset My Password

You can reset your own user account password if you forget it or it expired. From the sign on page click Reset Password and then follow the prompts. For more information read Reset Password, or view the following video.

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Forgot My Security Answer

Toro Connect provides a self service feature to help you reset your password by answering your security question. If you forget your answer, after a number of attempts answering it your account will lock. If your account becomes locked, contact your company’s admin for a one-time access code to unlock it. If you are the Primary admin please contact Toro for assistance. For more information read here or play the short video clip below.

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Unlock My User Account

Your user account will lock if you answer your security question incorrectly several times. This is for security reasons. To unlock your account contact your company admin for a one-time access code. If you are the Primary admin, contact Toro for assistance. With your access code, return to the sign on page and click Locked Account, and follow the prompts. Read here for more information or follow along in the video below.

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Manage Locked Accounts (Admin)

As an admin you have the ability to assist employees who lock their user account. An account is locked when a user is unsuccessful at answering their security question several times. When an account is locked the admin can use the Manage Users app on Toro Connect to reset the account and provide the user with a one-time access code. Communicate the code to the user. The user will then click Locked Account on the sign on page and follow the prompts to enter the code provided. For more information read here or view the following video.

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Resource Library Overview

Resource Library is available to all users and contains content such as bulletins, forms, reports, websites, and videos. Only content that pertains to your business's authorized product lines will be available.For more information read here or view the following video.

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Need More Help?

If your question is not addressed on this page, click the following link to submit a support request. Please allow up to 24 hours or 1 business day for a response. Thank you.

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