• Superior diagnostics and reporting, helps simplify maintenance and manage courses more efficiently

  • Allows irrigation control to the second, for less over- and under-watering and improved turf performance

  • Field upgradeable so systems can continuously evolve as new innovations become available

Designed and manufactured to Toro’s high standards, LAC decoders provide a low-cost, high quality solution to the challenge of upgrading wired irrigation systems. Compatible with most AC systems, LAC decoders give legacy two-wire systems an instant upgrade, all with a quick and easy replacement. Depending on which generation decoders are currently in place, LACs enable either one- or two-way communication with Lynx® Central Control, delivering Toro capability and innovation in an instant.


Retro-compatible with legacy decoders in the ground for easy migration

Improved Speed

Improved speed and access to functionality including watering by the second

Superior and Fast

Superior and fast system diagnostics