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  • 50 hp (37.3 kW) Kubota® Gasoline Engine
  • Ground Speed - Forward: 0-10 mph (0-16.1 km/h) Reverse: 0-4 mph (0-6.4 km/h)
  • Boom Assembly - 20.5ft (6.25m) triangular truss-style
  • 300 gallon (1,136 L) Tank Capacity

Multi Pro 5800 300-gallon dedicated sprayer
Leading sprayer technology, proven reliability and innovative accessories provide many performance and operational advancements. Every aspect of the spray system has been engineered to deliver unsurpassed spray accuracy, aggressive agitation and faster response time. Consistently delivers desired spray rates in even the most demanding environments.

Multi Pro 5800 with GeoLink® GPS Technology
This smart system knows your precise location. By automatically turning individual nozzles on and off, overlaps are virtually eliminated, resulting in substantial product savings.* You only need to map out your application area once, and the data will be saved for future applications.**

ExcelaRate™ Rate Controller

  • Digital pressure display, Toro-exclusive spray system icons and nomenclature, programmable vehicle parameters (width, nozzles, etc.) and understandable fault codes (engine, operator presence, parking brake, etc.) make operation simple and intuitive.
  • Developed by Toro specifically for turf applications; delivers features that no other controller can offer. Simplified calibration, multiple application rates and a special boost feature make operating the Multi Pro 5800 easier than ever before.
  • Tracks applications for sub areas and total spray area for accurate record keeping.

Rugged Spray Booms

  • The triangulated truss design provides protection to nozzles
  • Transport cradles with breakaway capability secure wing booms during transport
  • Lift and lower booms without leaving the seat
  • Spring-loaded breakaway system returns boom to spray position after an impact during forward or reverse travel
  • Reduce damage to trees or other objects with specially rounded boom ends
  • Three section 20.5’ (6.25 m) boom width

Hydrostatic Vehicle Drive System

Provides a high torque traction system that prevents spinning and turf damage. A speed locking device provides a constant spraying speed.

300 Gallon (1136 litre) Chemical Tank

Ready for the long haul, this completely redesigned tank incorporates four, 30 degree, side-mounted agitation nozzles to ensure the homogeneous mixing of chemicals for application accuracy. An offset fill well provides easy access for loading chemicals. Engineered polymur material won't crack, dent, rust, chip or peel.

Six Diaphragm Pump

An industry exclusive! This oversized pump satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying aggressive agitation flow. The self-priming, positive displacement design means the pump can be run dry without damage. Its dry sump means there's no risk of oil/lubricant contaminating the spray application.

Center Control Console

Positions operational switches and throttle at the operator's fingertips for convenient access and control. With Quickfind™ controls, the operator can easily locate the buttons without taking their eyes off the spray path.

KZValve® Section Valves

Industry exclusive KZValve® electronically-activated ball valves are easily serviceable for long life and outstanding performance.

  • Engine
    50 hp (37.3 kW) Kubota® Gasoline Engine
  • Boom System
    20.5’ (6.25 m), 4 nozzles per selection, triangular truss-style open boom
  • Drive System
  • Ground Speed
    Forward 0-10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Height
    57.5" (146 cm)
  • Length
    154" (391 cm) Booms forward
  • Spray Control
    Automatic ExcelaRate Spray Control
  • Spray Pump
    Hardi 364 / 10.0 6-diaphragm positive displacement; flow rate 45 gpm (170.3 lpm), 220 psi (1500 kpa) maximums
  • Tank Capacity
    300 gallon (1,136 L)
  • Weight
    2,882 lbs. (1,307 kg)
  • Width
    88" (2.2 m) - Booms forward
  • Warranty 2 year limited warranty

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Geolink® Precision Spray System

Improve application consistency and precision by adding GeoLink® to your Toro Multi Pro® sprayer. Developed specifically for the turf industry, GeoLink offers simple and convenient features not found on ag-based systems. Individual nozzle control helps reduce waste and overlap which contribute to real savings. Customize spray programs with specific rates and target areas, and virtually any operator can deliver the results you need. Instant reports are generated to show coverage quality for simple and thorough record keeping.

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Cleanload Eductor Kit

This on-board mixing station allows rapid and safe loading of any chemical without the need to first mix into a slurry. Incorporates a built-in bottle wash nozzle and has an optional suction lance to pull in powdered or liquid products from their container. Stores within the width of the spray vehicle.

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30 Gallon (113.6 Litre) Fresh Water Rinse Kit

Nesting inconspicuously behind the main tank, this system includes a separate electric pump, dedicated filter plumbing and dual rinse nozzles. At 10 Gallons (38 Litres) per cycle, it has on-board capacity to complete a triple rinse process.

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Electric Hose Reel Kit

150' (45.7 m) of hose for hand or walk spraying applications. Convenient electric powered rewind. Spray gun has an adjustable nozzle from stream to fan for stationary spraying.

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Foam Marking Kit

Foam dollops ensure accurate parallel path tracking. Select foam for either boom or both using a turn-signal style control switch.

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Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling Kit

Sonar sensors automatically maintain proper spray boom height over undulating turf, helping to ensure a consistent, proper nozzle spray pattern.

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Fully Enclosed Cab

Full-view operator safety cab with air conditioning, wiper and mirror options. Provides all-weather comfort.

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Drift Reduction Boom Shroud

Extends 12" (30.5 cm) below the boom to minimize chemical drift in breezy conditions while retaining full boom system functionality. Achieved the LERAP 3 Star certification rating (the highest) for drift reduction when used in conjunction with air induction nozzles versus standard flat fan nozzles without a boom shroud.

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Sunshade with windshield

Four post sunshade canopy provides sun and rain protection. Optional front windshield available.

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Spray Nozzles

Full range of contact, systemic and low drift nozzles are available.Air inclusion nozzles provide improved accuracy, uniform droplet size, and reduced drift and even coverage.

Find the right nozzle for your application with our Nozzle Selector Tool

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