Experience next-level power and versatility with our 60V Max* batteries and accessories. Each battery swaps seamlessly between all of our 60V Max* interchangeable 75+ Tools, so you can go from job to job without missing a beat. Giving you max convenience, max power, and max runtime along the way. And when paired with our Impulse Endeavor Inverter, you can power up all the electronics you need, anywhere.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

60V MAX* batteries and accessories are compatible with all Flex-Force tools

60V Max* Ultra Capacity Batteries

The one cordless system you need to command a full line of unbeatable electric lawn equipment from handhelds like trimmers and blowers all the way up to the biggest, baddest, most power-hungry tools in our battery-powered lineup.

60V Max* Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers

Take charge of the yard and the entire line of unbeatable Toro Flex-Force Power System tools. These 60V Max* lithium-Ion workhorses charge all 60V Max Lithium-Ion Flex-Force batteries.

60V Max* Impulse Endeavor Inverter

Charge everything from mobile phones and laptops to portable lights and fans with the Impulse Endeavor Inverter. It’s a portable inverter that generates power where you need it from any 60V battery in the Flex-Force lineup.

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