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  • Water Smart® - Prevents over watering during rainfall and meets municiple mandates for water conservation devices.
  • Compatible with most automatic timers
  • Adjustable rain fall setting from 1/8" to 1" (3 mm to 2.5 cm)
  • Quick-Clip bracket for easy, tool-free mounting

When it rains sometimes all you need is a simple sensor that ensures the job gets done. With multiple set-points for adjustable rain sensitivity and maintenance-free sensing disks, Toro’s TRS provides the reliability required.

Save Water - Save Money

Check your local water agency for available rebates.

Uses industry standard hydroscopic discs

To sense rain.

Conservation device

Meets legislative standards in states/municipalities with mandates.

Quick and Easy

Makes installing and sprinkler quick and easy.

Attaches easily

Use the "Quick Clip" bracket to attach to gutters or other locations.


Connects easily to most automatic timers.

  • Power
    24 VAC
  • Connection Wire
    25ft (7.6m) of white outdoor-rated, UV-resistant cable
  • Operating Temperature
    -20F to 120F (-29°c to 49° C)
  • Color