8000 Series Direct Collect Z

Choose from as variety of deck widths and engines
FOR HIGH-END PROPERTIES, A CLEAN, MANICURED LOOK IS EVERYTHING. The 8000 Series Direct Collect Z gives you that and more. A powerful blower moves more air, throwing large volumes of material into the hopper while the high-capacity collection system helps extend mowing time. This machine is built to give you everything you need to achieve the perfect cut in less time.

TRIM ON BOTH SIDES with the rear direct collect deck to keep flower beds and walkways clipping-free. SLICE GRASS INTO FINE PARTICLES with a higher blade tip speed and optimal mulching kits for a consistent, quality cut.

REDUCE DOWNTIME with features that minimize maintenance including a heavy-duty sealed gearbox and a simple, reliable belt drive system.

MOW LONGER with the 7.5-gallon fuel tank and the high-capacity collection system for bagging and mulching for fewer stops.

GAIN PRODUCTIVITY with a ground speed of up to 7 mph and a hydro drive system for efficient, precise control.

8000 Series Direct Collect Z

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