• Revolutionary Interface
  • Easy Upgrade to Integrated Smart Control
  • Computer-programmable with USB Drive
  • 4 to 16-stations

Introducing the next generation in controllers! With an intuitive interface and exclusive features for “smart” control, the new Toro® EVOLUTION® is an easy choice for residential and light-commercial applications.

Learn more at www.toro.com/evolution

  • Power
    120 VAC
  • Dimensions
    11.25” W x 7.75” H x 4.5” D (286 x 197 x 114 mm)
  • Weight
    4.5 lbs. (2 kg)
  • Number of Stations
    4 to 16 stations with 4- and 12-station hot-swappable modules
  • Number of Programs
    One schedule in the default “standard” mode with up to six schedules in “advanced” mode
  • Run Time
    Station runtimes from one minute to twelve hours
  • Output Power
    24 VAC
  • Battery
    Battery on the timing mechanism for “armchair” programming
Documents Type Language
Manual EVOLUTION Add-On Weather Sensor Manual English PDF
Manual 373-0806-FR_revA_EVO-WS_FRENCH French PDF
Manual 373-0806-GE_revA_EVO-WS_GERMAN German PDF
Manual 373-0806-IT_revA_EVO-WS_ITALIAN Italian PDF
Manual 373-0806-PO_revA_EVO-WS_PORTUGUESE Portuguese PDF
Manual 373-0806-SP_revA_EVO-WS_SPANISH Spanish PDF
Manual 373-0807_revB_EVO-PSS_ENGLISH English PDF
Manual 373-0807-FR_revA_EVO-PSS_FRENCH French PDF
Manual 373-0807-GE_revA_EVO-PSS_GERMAN German PDF
Manual 373-0807-IT_revA_EVO-PSS_ITALIAN Italian PDF
Manual 373-0807-PO_revA_EVO-PSS_PORTUGUESE Portuguese PDF
Manual 373-0807-SP_revA_EVO-PSS_SPANISH Spanish PDF
Manual 373-0808_revB_EVO-HH_ENGLISH English PDF
Manual 373-0808-FR_revA_EVO-HH_FRENCH French PDF
Manual 373-0808-GE_revA_EVO-HH_GERMAN German PDF
Manual 373-0808-IT_revA_EVO-HH_ITALIAN Italian PDF
Manual 373-0808-PO_revA_EVO-HH_PORTUGUESE Portuguese PDF
Manual 373-0808-SP_revA_EVO-HH_SPANISH Spanish PDF
Manual 373-0809_revB_EVO-AR_ENGLISH English PDF
Manual 373-0809-FR_revA_EVO-AR_FRENCH French PDF
Manual 373-0809-SP_revA_EVO-AR_SPANISH Spanish PDF
Manual 373-0812_revB_EVO-SC_ENGLISH English PDF
Manual 373-0812-FR_revA_EVO-SC_FRENCH French PDF
Manual 373-0812-GE_revA_EVO-SC_GERMAN German PDF
Manual 373-0812-IT_revA_EVO-SC_ITALIAN Italian PDF
Manual 373-0812-PO_revA_EVO-SC_PORTUGUESE Portuguese PDF
Manual 373-0812-SP_revA_EVO-SC_SPANISH Spanish PDF
Manual 373-0824_revB_EVOLUTION_firmware_update English PDF
Manual 373-0824-FR_revA_EVOLUTION_firmware_update French PDF
Manual 373-0824-GE_revA_EVOLUTION_firmware_update German PDF
Manual 373-0824-IT_revA_EVOLUTION_firmware_update Italian PDF
Manual 373-0824-PO_revA_EVOLUTION_firmware_update Portuguese PDF
Manual 373-0824-SP_revA_EVOLUTION_firmware_update Spanish PDF