• New 17mm size works with most standard-size barb fittings, making it compatible with most other dripline and hose for easy retrofits and expansions.

  • Large double-outlet cylindrical emitter is much more tolerant of debris compared to the other market leaders, most of whom use a compact single-outlet emitter.

  • Pressure-compensating design makes it ideal for slopes, high wind areas, and locations with limited water supply or low pressure

With higher water costs in our future, it makes more sense than ever to use inline tubing in suitable landscape applications. Toro Drip In® surface dripline is both an effective and economical choice for at-grade installations and now comes in an industry-standard 17mm size.

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Dual Opposed Outlets

In above ground installations, dual opposing ports in every emitter assure that at least one outlet provides air relief, which prevents back-siphonage of contamination into the emitter.

Highly Clog Resistant

Unique, raised internal filtration design deflects debris upward and away from the emitter’s inlet. Because the inlet is also raised, sediment won’t collect at the inlet while the system is off.

High Uniformity

Proven, dependable pressure compensating Drip In emitters deliver uniform, precise emitter discharge rates with exceptionally low variability.

New Laser Etching

Easy-to-identify product information right on the tubing, and holds up better over time in the field compared to inkjet printing.

  • Coil Color
  • Coil Length
    100', 250’, 500' (30, 76, 152 m)
  • Emitter Spacing
    12", 18" (31, 46 cm)
  • Flow
    0.58, 0.92 GPH (2.2, 3.5 lph)
  • Outside Diameter
    0.660" (17mm)
  • Inside Diameter
    0.560" (14.2mm)
  • Wall thickness
    0.050" (1.3 mm)
  • Minimum Filtration Requirement
    120 Mesh
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    15-60 PSI (1 - 4.1 BAR)