• Adjustable Rotation Speed – Easy-to-adjust rotation speed allows a complete rotation to be accomplished between two and seven minutes.

  • Low Maintenance Piston Drive – A fully enclosed piston drive system presents smooth, near vibration-free rotation, which helps to maintain the even distribution of water.

  • Wide Range of Nozzles – Nozzle choices from 14 mm to 34 mm provide a wide range of irrigation options and the flexibility to tailor the T-P2 Series to the specific needs of the site.

  • Part- and Full-Circle in One – Infinitely adjustable between 30° and 330°, or capable of uni-directional 360°.

The lightweight and versatile T-P2 Series Sprinklers are capable of achieving radii of up to 226 feet, making them well suited for a wide range of applications, including dust suppression and control, cooling and washdown of synthetic turf, and the distribution of reclaimed water. The T-P2 Series’ fully-enclosed, adjustable-speed piston drive presents smooth and continuous rotation, allowing for the near vibration-free delivery of water. Despite their long-range capability and durable construction, the T-P2 Series weigh in at under 11 pounds, making it light enough to transport by hand, when necessary.

  • Radius
    T-P2S: 105-180 feet / P2M/VAR: 138-226 feet
  • Flow
    T-P2S: 70-267 gallons per minute / P2M/VAR: 131-535 gallons per minute
  • Trajectory
    Nozzle Trajectory: 25°
  • Arc
    Part circle (30°-330°) / Full circle (360°)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    T-P2S: 60-115 psi / P2M/VAR: 70-115 psi
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    120 psi
  • Minimum Operating Pressure
    60 psi
  • Inlet
    T-P2S: 2 ½” NPT female / P2M/VAR: 3” NPT female
  • Weight
    T-P2S: 9.5 pounds / P2M/VAR: 10.8 pounds
  • Dimensions
    T-P2S: 15.2” H x 21.3” L / P2M/VAR: 17.4” H x 26.3” L
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