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Explore our drip irrigation case studies by crop. These real-world applications show why drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method that not only saves water, but improves yield and crop quality.  Visit for more drip irrigation case studies and drip irrigation news .

Grower Solutions

Check out our drip irrigation testimonials from REAL growers. These real-world applications showcase how drip irrigation has helped others get the most from their crop. Testimonials include:

Drip Irrigation Works .... and Pays!

Cox Valley View Farms

Romaine Lettuce Grower Prefers Drip to Sprinklers

Craig Andrus Farms, Salinas, CA

Drip Irrigation Helps Vegetable Growers Overcome Challenges

Naumann Ranch

Row Crop Growers Using Drip Tape for More Than Irrigation

Reiter Berry Farms

Quality Tape Yields Quality Onions

Standage Farms, Inc.

Drip Irrigation Helps Hops Grower Sleep at Night!

Weilmunster Hops