• Superior precision, uniformity, durability, and plugging resistance
  • Seamless construction provides maximum strength
  • Highly resistant to plugging due to multiple inlet filters
  • Best-In-Class coefficient of variation (Cv's) – below 3%

The superior choice for drip irrigation, Aqua-Traxx with the PBX Advantage offers a Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section (PBX) design that optimizes flowpath turbulence to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform distribution, and reduce clogging. For Aqua-Traxx design help, check out our AquaFlow 4.0 design software.

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Product Literature Aqua-Traxx® Superior Drip Tape English PDF
Product Literature Aqua Traxx and Aqua Traxx Azul Drip Tape English PDF
Performance Drip Tape Performance Charts 2016 English PDF
Product Literature Drip Irrigation Systems for Row Crops English PDF
Product Literature Aqua-Traxx® Flushing Pressures English PDF
Data Sheet Drip tape Installation Instructions and Warranty English PDF
Product Literature Aqua-Traxx® Cinta Superior de Riego Por Goteo Spanish PDF
Product Literature Cintas de Riego por Goteo de Toro Aqua Traxx y Aqua Traxx Azul Spanish PDF
Performance Drip Tape Performance Charts 2016 (Español) Spanish PDF
Performance Cinta de Riego por Goteo - Tablas de Desenpeño (en Metros) Spanish PDF