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Bullseye Products

Synthetic Turf Equipment

  • Implements designed specifically for the care and maintenance of synthetic turf
  • Groom, clean and de-compact effectively and efficiently
  • Available accessories for tow vehicle flexibility and added versatility

Fraise Mowers

  • Innovative natural grass renovation tools
  • Fraise mow, flail mow, or after a simple blade change, aggressively verti-cut, and clean up behind all of them, in a single pass operation
  • Clean and smooth finished surface ready for seeding or sod


  • Slit seeding or dimple seeding options
  • Simple, ground driven designs providing ease of operation and low maintenance costs
  • Seed metering system design allows precise calibration, controlled seed drop, and efficient use of your seed


  • Cultivation tools to improve all soil conditions
  • Needle tine, deep tine, conventional core aerification and now the ability to linear aerate even the most compacted soil conditions
  • Provide conditions to allow water, air, nutrients and root growth deeper into the soil profile


  • New products designed for use on natural grass or synthetic turf
  • Each provides the ability to perform light grooming or incorporation of even the heaviest rate of materials
  • Wheel kits and accessories available to expand their versatility