Fuel Tips for Gasoline Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers

Wondering what type of gasoline to put in your lawn mower or snow blower?

How to Assemble a Toro Single-Stage Snow Blower

Just purchased your first Toro Single-Stage Snow Blower? Now all you need to do to get your machine up and running is some minor assembly. Don’t sweat it if this sounds intimidating. After watching this quick and easy video tutorial, you’ll be using your fully assembled Toro Single-Stage Snow Blower in no time!

How to Assemble a Toro Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower

Can’t wait to get started testing out your new Toro Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower? After some quick assemblage, you’ll be able to experience pristine performance, power, and durability, unparalleled to any other snow blower on the market. Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to assemble your Toro Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower, so you can be at ease all winter long.

How to Assemble a Toro Battery Two-Stage Snow Blower

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to assemble your Toro Battery Two-Stage Snow Blower.

How to Choose the Right Snow Blower

No matter what your snow removal needs are, Toro has the lineup of snow blowers that will help you make the best purchase possible. Whether you’re looking for a machine that’s designed for heavy duty snow removal or something that’s more maneuverable and lightweight, we guarantee that you’ll find the right type of snow blower you’ve been searching for. Take a look at our versatile lineup of snow blowers to help you get through this winter, and many more to come.

Tips to Starting Your Snow Blower

Prevent snow blower starting problems by following these great tips before the snow starts to fall. Follow these steps to help guarantee your snow blower will start.

End of Snow Season Snow Blower Tips

Once the winter is over, it’s time to finally put your Toro snow blower to rest. But before you put away your machine, there are plenty of things you can do to improve and maintain the maintenance of your snow blower, so it’s all ready to go next winter. From properly emptying your fuel system to inspecting your rotor blades, scraper and cables, here’s a quick video tutorial on how to store away your snow blower at the end of snow season.

Snow Blower Winter Checklist - Single-Stage

Prepare your Toro single-stage snow blower for the winter with these essential maintenance tips. In this video, we'll review what signs of wear and tear to look out for on your rotor blades, proper oil changing and fuel requirements, and much more. Make sure you and your Toro snow blower will be ready for whatever this winter brings your way!

Snow Blower Winter Checklist - Two-Stage

When the first snow storm of this winter hits your home, will you be ready? Make sure your two-stage snow blower is up to any seasonal challenge, by taking a look at our guide to ensuring you’re prepared for whatever winter throws your way. From properly spotting damage on the auger to checking to see if your handles and cables are in place, here’s how to keep your Toro two-stage snow blower running strong, all winter long.

How to Change Engine Oil on a Single-Stage Snow Blower

Changing the engine oil of any type of snow blower is an essential maintenance task, especially if you own a Toro Single-Stage Snow Blower. The older your oil is, the more difficult it becomes to protect all the vital parts of your snow blower’s engine. To keep your single-stage snow blower performing at its best, here’s a quick guide to learning how to properly change your engine oil.

How to Change Oil on a Two-Stage Snow Blower

Any owner of a Toro Two-Stage Snow Blower wants their machine to perform at a high level. That’s why knowing when and how to change the engine oil of your snow blower will help maintain its power, endurance, and dependability. Check out our tips for properly changing the engine oil of your Toro Two-Stage Snow Blower.

Replace the Drive Belt on a Single-Stage Snow Blower

Noticing that your single-stage snow blower lacks the power it used to? It might be time to get the drive belt replaced. To get your Toro single-stage snow blower back to full force, follow this step-by-step guide to replacing and installing your drive belt, and return to taking on the winter!

Tips to Operating a Snow Blower

To get the best results from your snow blower, follow these helpful tips. It will make clearing snow easier, more enjoyable and your driveway will look great throughout the winter.

Why No Shear Pins on Toro Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Toro two-stage snow blowers do not use shear pins. The commercial-grade gear case makes the need for a shear pin unnecessary. If the auger hits an obstruction or is over-loaded with snow, the engine may shut off, so that you can remove the key, clear the obstruction safely with a stick and get back to work.

Snow Blower Safety Tips

Snow blower safety is key when clearing snow. Follow these tips and operating instructions each time you use your snow blower for a safe experience.

Snow Blower Safety

Learn how to use a snow blower safely with this training video from Toro. Following these instructions on how to use a snow blower are important to avoid accidents or injury. Before operating a snow blower, review the operating instructions and share this video with others who will be using a snow blower in your household.