Warranty Service

For warranty repair or service consideration please visit an *Independent Authorized Service Dealer for a physical inspection of the machine and/or engine.

Please see Toro.com/locator to find an Independent Authorized Service Dealer near you. Proof of purchase required for warranty consideration.

IMPORTANT: Warranty repair CANNOT be determined without a physical inspection by an Independent Authorized Service Dealer. 

For a complete copy of the machine warranty or the Toro engine warranty please visit Toro.com/manuals 

Once an Independent Authorized Service Dealer inspects your machine, they will be able to file a warranty claim with Toro on your behalf if necessary.


Engine Specific Warranty Service

Engine specific warranty service is provided through the original engine Manufacturer i.e. Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, or Kawasaki.

Please see the engine warranty documentation included with your purchase for complete details or contact the engine manufacturer company:


Briggs & Stratton or 800-444-7774

Kohler or 800-544-2444

Honda or 770-497-6400

Kawasaki or 800-433-5640


*Independent Authorized Service Dealers are independent businesses and may request to be reimbursed for labor to conduct the mechanical inspection of the engine and/or machine. The cost for inspection service is not covered by Toro's manufacturer's warranty if the determination by the independent authorized service dealer is not a manufacturing defect.