The Toro Company offers a full line of customized, competitive financing offerings. The goal of Toro financing programs is to help each customer acquire the exact equipment and irrigation technology they need in the most cost-effective way possible.

Lease or Buy That’s Up To You!

Financing solutions customized for you.

To be successful, you need to acquire the best equipment and do so within budgetary constraints. Toro Financing helps you acquire the right equipment now.

Cash Management:

  • lower monthly payments
  • 100% financing including taxes and installation
  • improve your cash flow
  • protect against inflation
  • preserve your capital

Flexibility and Convenience:

  • variety of end-of-lease options: re-lease, purchase or return
  • flexible pay schedules, including skip payments
  • customized offerings to meet unique needs
  • minimal documentation

Accounting and Tax Considerations:

  • potential for "off-balance sheet" treatment
  • tax lease payments fully deductible as operational expenses
  • increased return on assets
  • lower debt load

Capital Requirements:

  • retain capital for alternative uses
  • bank lines remain open for short term borrowing needs
  • provides freedom from budget limitations

Technological Considerations:

  • hedges against equipment obsolescence
  • provides flexibility to upgrade as equipment needs change

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