• Speed – Provides information faster than other two-wire brand, reducing test times from minutes to seconds and providing greater visibility into the overall health of the irrigation system.

  • Precision – Apply water with one-second resolution. The exact amount of water is placed exactly where it’s needed.

  • Upgradeable – Upgrade remotely with just a click. Innovative new features and benefits are just a click away.

  • Durable – Best in class surge protection to help weather the storm. It works with the Lynx Smart Hub, which protects the flow managed irrigation schedule, even in the event of a central failure.if the central is down. Best in class broadband lightning protection.

The Toro Lynx Smart Module 2-Wire Control System uses innovative technology to provide an irrigation solution that is reliable and efficient. Using a 2-wire path to communicate to buried control units, the system reduces the costs associated with traditional valve wire bundles and provides a solution that is vandal resistant, easy to install and easy to expand.

  • Power
    88-264 V ac, 50/60 Hz
  • Output Power
    Output voltage: 40 V ac max • Output power: 75 VA max • Class 2, SELV