Toro Protection Plus keeps you in control of your maintenance budget. Spend your budget on keeping your equipment in peak condition and let the plan protect you from unexpected mechanical breakdown expenses.

Buying preowned equipment? Toro Protection Plus For PreOwned Equipment allows you to take the worry out of buying preowned equipment.

Budget Protection

Avoid unexpected hits to your maintenance budget. Toro Protection Plus helps make your budget more predictable.

Exceptional Protection

Toro Protection Plus provides coverage that protects you against mechanical breakdowns. The only repairs not covered by a plan are normal maintenance parts and labor, misuse or abuse. (Review Contract Terms & Conditions for specific details)

Seamless Protection

Toro provides an industry leading warranty on your Toro product. When your Toro warranty expires, Toro Protection Plus begins immediately and continues for the duration of your plan.

Genuine Toro Parts

Any repairs made under your plan will be made by qualified Toro technicians using genuine Toro parts. No substitute for the real thing!


The plan can be bundled with your equipment financing into a monthly payment, and the coverage extends your protection through the financing term.

Coverage Options

Choose either Drivetrain or Comprehensive protection.

Total Security

Each Toro Protection Plus plan is backed by Toro's financial strength.

Nationwide Service

Your plan will be honoured at any authorized Toro service distributor throughout the United States.


Should you sell or trade your covered Toro product, any remaining protection is fully transferable to a new owner.

Transportation Benefit

For any covered repair, your plan will pay up to a total of $50.00 for the pickup/delivery of your product by an authorized Toro service distributor.

Great Value

Toro Protection Plus plans are a good value, as the cost of any repair could far exceed the cost of a plan. Further, the plan locks in today's prices for the cost of future repairs.

Choose from one of our plans, and we'll take care of the rest.

Drivetrain Protection:

  • Engine - All parts contained within the engine block/motor housing, cylinder head or crankcase.
  • Transmission/Transaxle - All parts contained within the transmission or transaxle case. Hydrostatic pumps, valves and motors.
  • Drive Axles/Drive Assemblies - All parts contained within the drive axle, PTO housing, 4-wheel drive assemblies, hydraulic drive pumps, valves, steel lines and motors within main frame.

Comprehensive Protection:

  • All operational parts and assemblies for your mower, vehicle or other machinery, are covered against mechanical breakdown. To list everything that is covered would be nearly impossible, so your Plan simply lists the things that aren't normal maintenance items, tune-ups, physical damage, tires, batteries, blades, belts, hoses and seats. If it's not on our list of exclusions, it's covered and Toro pays the repair bill! You may be responsible for state and local taxes, environmental fees, and/or transportation charges in excess of the $50 benefit. Ask your distributor for details.