Similar to the improvements in indoor water use brought by high-efficiency shower heads and low-flush toilets, technology and innovation has been developed to significantly save on outdoor water use yet sustain our landscapes and green spaces. With proper sprinkler maintenance and a few upgrades, homeowners can do their part. Look for these and other innovative products from Toro to save on outdoor water use.

EC-XTRA™ Landscape Timer

PC Programmable with Scheduling Advisor Software that creates an optimum watering schedule for your landscape. Prevents over watering by eliminating programming guesswork and making seasonal adjustments easy.

Wired Rain Sensor

Automatically suspend watering during significant rain events or when temperatures approach freezing.

H2FLO™ Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles

Use 35% less water than traditional nozzles without sacrificing results.

XTRA SMART® Precision™ Series Soil Sensor

Works with virtually any controller to automatically suspend watering when soil moisture levels are adequate for plant health.

Landscape Drip

Efficiently delivers water directly to plant roots minimizing water loss to evaporation or overspray.