Toro Gas Powered Snow Blowers are a powerful and reliable solution for tackling even the heaviest snowfalls with ease. Equipped with a robust gas engine, these snow blowers offer unmatched performance, effortlessly clearing large driveways and walkways. Featuring a self-propelled system and serrated auger design, it can plow through snow up to 21 inches deep, making it ideal for heavy-duty snow removal tasks.

These Snow Blowers boast convenient features like electric start, multiple speed settings, and a quick-adjust chute control, allowing users to precisely direct snow discharge. Its durable construction and all-terrain wheels ensure stability and longevity. When winter unleashes its worst, Toro Gas Snow Blowers are a dependable partner to keep your pathways clear and accessible.

Ideal For Extra-large driveways, heavy accumulation and
making quick work of 10"+ / 25.4 cm+ of snow

Unmatched Stability
Track driven allows you to handle the steepest slopes or dig into packed snow.
Smooth Handling and Low Maintenance
Hydrostatic transmission allows for self-propelled operation with infinitely variable speed.
Adjust with Ease
Push the Quick-Adjust auger housing lever to adjust your housing up for climbing and transport, flat to blow snow off a driveway or down to dig deep snow.

Single Stage

Lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver, Single Stage Snow Blowers can clear between 8-12 inches of snow.

Tackle paved driveway, walkway, and patio jobs in no time. Click to Shop Now.

Two Stage

Designed for heavy-duty snow removal and capable of handling larger snow accumulations (often more than 12 inches), Two Stage Snow Blowers make clearing larger areas a breeze.

Clear wide paths with speed and ease on any surface type. Click to Shop Now.