Operator Safety is our Concern

Customer safety has always been a priority for The Toro Company and we are pleased to continue an educational initiative for landscape maintenance equipment operators of ZRT or "Z" mowers that will reinforce safe operation of these products.

Operating a Toro Z Master mower is a unique experience that requires operators to pay close attention to their own safety and to the safety of those around them. Each chapter below contains a short video clip with important safety tips. For complete information, request your free copy of the full-length video.

This past year we introduced a Driving in the Safety Zone video to educate mower operators about hazards to avoid while mowing. This video includes both English and Español versions.

If you would like a free copy of this training:

  • In the U.S., call toll free 1-800-348-2424 x4676
  • In Canada, call toll free 1-800-544-5364

Clips from this video are also available:

  • General safety tips: English | Spanish
  • Protect yourself and your investment by installing a rollover protection system, or ROPS: English | Spanish
  • Drive with caution and keep your speed under control: English | Spanish
  • Avoid rollovers and tipovers on hills, wet grass, and dropoffs: English | Spanish
  • Stay clear of another serious hazard – water: English | Spanish

Driving in the Safety Zone means making choices that keep you out of high-risk situations and away from hazards, like steep slopes or sudden drop-offs near water. Always stay off hills or surfaces with a slope greater than 15 degrees.

Download the safety brochure.