Dingo® TXL 2000 Non-Telescoping Track Loader

  • Model: 22531
  • Outstanding 360-degree visibility
  • Outstanding reach and lift height


The Dingo TXL 2000 has you covered. No need for separate machines to unload, haul, dig and place material; the Dingo TXL 2000 can do it all. With the benefits of a compact utility loader, mini excavator and compact track loader rolled into one piece of equipment, it’s a smart solution that’s in a category of its own.


TXL2000 using the fork attachment carrying bushes on a pallet
Superior Visibility
A dedicated stand-on machine offers superior 360° visibility for optimized jobsite performance and awareness.
TXL2000 dumping rock in a rock pile
Compact Footprint
A 54” wide frame allows the machine to access smaller spaces that larger machines are not able to.
TXL 2000 carrying a big rock using the grapple attachment
2,000 lbs. ROC
An industry leading 2,000 lbs. rated operating capacity allows the operator to handle many jobsite materials suited for larger machines.
TXL2000 control system
Toro’s exclusive traction control design allows operator’s of all skill levels to operate the machine with ease and precision. The loader arm control is designed to allow not only loader arm function control, but has the telescoping function, proportional auxiliary control, and directional left/right control for applicable Toro TXL 2000 attachments.
TXL2000 dumping dirt using the bucket attachment
Ease of Access
The dedicated stand-on platform allows the operator to step-on and step-off the machine with ease and comfort to allow for enhanced jobsite efficiencies – not having to enter/exit a cab.


Air Filter Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Dump Angle 46.3 degrees
Dump Height (cm) 162.8
Dump Height (inches) 64.1
Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model D1803
Fuel Tank (gallons) 18.3
Fuel Tank (liters) 69.3
Fuel Type Diesel
Ground Clearance (cm) 16
Ground Clearance (inches) 6.3
Ground Pressure 5.3 psi
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 5.4
Ground Speed Foward (km/h) 8.6
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 8.6
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 5.4
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 250.4
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 98.6
Hydraulic Flow 21.5 gpm (81.4 lpm) each pump
Hydraulic Flow Auxilary 21.4 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure Auxillery:3000 psi; traction: 4350 psi
Loader Arms Radial
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (HP) 49.6
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (kW) 37
Max Operating Height (cm) 162
Max Operating Height (inches) 63.9
Oil Capacity (liters) 7
Oil Capacity (quarts) 7.4
Overall Height w/bucket (cm) 172.2
Overall Height w/bucket (inches) 67.8
Overall Height w/o bucket (cm) 17.2
Overall Height w/o bucket (inches) 67.8
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 347.7
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 136.9
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 250.9
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 98.8
Overall Width w/bucket (cm) 139.7
Overall Width w/bucket (inches) 55
Overall Width w/o bucket (cm) 139.7
Overall Width w/o bucket (inches) 55
Rated Operating Capacity* (kg) 907
Rated Operating Capacity* (lbs) 2000
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 66.2
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 26.1
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 15.25
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 57.7
Tip Capacity (kg) 2592
Tip Capacity (lbs) 5715
Track Length (inches) 162.2
Track Length(cm) 411.9
Track Width (cm) 29.9
Track Width (inches) 11.8
Tracks Sprocket-drive, 6 road wheels per side
Traction Dual Hydrostatic Pump
Weight (kg) 2844
Weight (lbs) 6270
Wheelbase (inches) 53.7


*Per ISO 14397-1


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Toro 55 Gallon Premium Engine Oil 10W-30 (Part # 121-6392)
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Toro 5 Gallon Premium Engine Oil 10W-30 (Part # 121-6393)
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Toro 55 Gallon Premium Engine Oil 15W-40 (Part # 121-6394)
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CAP-FUEL, LOCKING (Part # 126-4107)
Toro 5 Gallon PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid
Toro 5 Gallon PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid (Part # 133-8086)
Toro 55 Gallon PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid
Toro 55 Gallon PX Extended Life Hydraulic Fluid (Part # 133-8087)
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Fuel Cap (Part # 136-4866)
Genuine OEM Part 136-4869
Dingo TXL 2000 Track Aggressive (Part # 136-4869)
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Light Kit for Dingo TXL 2000 models (Part # 136-4890)
Dingo TX 2000 1000 Hour Filter Kit
Dingo TXL 2000 1000-hour filter kit (Part # 136-4897)
Dingo TX 2000 50 Hour Filter Kit
Dingo TXL 2000 50-hour filter kit (Part # 136-4898)
Dingo TX 2000 400 Hour Filter Kit
Dingo TXL 2000 400-hour filter kit (Part # 136-4899)
Toro Premium All-Season Hydraulic Fluid 1 Gallon
Toro Premium All Season Hydraulic Fluid - 1 Gallon - 4 pack (Part # 138-9459)
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Auxiliary Wire Harness Kit, TXL 2000 Tool Carrier (Part # 139-1188)
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TXL2000 Auger Drive (Part # 22532)
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TXL2000 Trencher Head (Part # 22533)
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TXL2000 Brush Cutter (Part # 22534)
TXL 2000 Grapple Attachment
TXL 2000 Grapple Attachment (Part # 22535)
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TXL2000 Power Rake (Part # 22536)
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TXL2000 Angle Broom (Part # 22538)
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Skeleton Grapple (Part # 22541)
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TXL2000 Tiller (Part # 22542)
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TXL2000 Pick-up Broom (Part # 22543)
TXL 2000 bucket right side
TXL 2000 Loader Bucket Attachment 29 Cubic Feet (Part # 22546)
TXK 2000 bucket
TXL 2000 Loader Bucket Attachment 12 Cubic Feet (Part # 22547)
TXL 2000 Grading Bucket
TXL 2000 Grading Bucket Attachment (Part # 22548)
TXL 2000 Adjustable Forks
TXL 2000 Adjustable Forks Attachment (Part # 22549)
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TXL 2000 Tool Carrier Leveler (Part # 22550)
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U-BLADE, TXL 2000 (Part # 22572)
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STUMP BUCKET, TXL 2000 (Part # 22573)
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TXL 2000 Standard Bucket - No Edge (Part # 22576)
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DINGO TXL 2000 SNOW THROWER (Part # 22583)


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Dingo TXL 2000 Sell Sheet PDF - Sellsheet-en-us
Dingo® TXL 2000 Brochure PDF - Brochure-en-us

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