• ET based run times

  • Control up to 999 field satellites

  • On-line help screens minimize training requirements

  • Map-based feedback on system status

This powerful, yet simple-to-use software is ideal for large sites such as cities, business parks and school districts as it allows a user to control up to 999 field satellites from a remote location with a desktop or laptop computer. To learn more about Sentinel Central Control, Click here

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Powerful Central Control

Sentinel Water Management Software (WMS) is a Microsoft® Windows-based program that allows users to control daily irrigation operations and scheduling from a powerful yet easy-to-use platform. With the ability to control up to 999 field satellites from one location, users have a water management tool that provides ultimate customizability and reliability.

Features For Water Management

Sentinel has several options for ET-based watering, flow sensing, and wireless soil sensing, as well as the ability to create water usage reports with historical comparison maximize system efficiency. ET can be monitored from on-site weather stations or via Toro’s cloud-based Precision ET service. Controllers can also communicate with up to 16 Pro Series wireless soil sensors each, allowing for automation of irrigation based on the soil conditions for each program.

New Controller Design

The completely redesigned Sentinel controller interface makes for easy standalone programming, incorporating a large backlit graphical display, shortcut buttons for frequently used functions, and one gigabyte of memory. All Sentinel controllers now come standard with an Ethernet connection and a connection for a wireless soil sensor receiver, making connections and upgrades both a snap.

Distributed Programming

Each Sentinel controller is a fully intelligent unit with program data stored at both the field satellite and within the central computer. In the event a computer or master controller goes off line, there will be no loss of irrigation. True two-way communication allows programming changes to occur at the on-site field controller and uploaded to the central computer.

AC and DC Two-Wire Options

Sentinel offers both AC and DC two-wire options as a cost-effective alternative to conventional controllers for particularly large installation. Using a two-wire path to communicate to decoders, the Sentinel Two-Wire controller eliminates high costs associated with traditional valve wiring.

Expanded Wireless Connectivity

Sentinel uses true two-way communication via several different connectivity options that can be mixed and matched to meet system requirements, such as UHF radio, spread spectrum, and cellular. The Sentinel Water Management System software package also includes iPhone® and iPad® connectivity for remote programming and alerts.

  • Communication Options
    PC Based, Radio, Phone, Cellular & Ethernet
  • Maximum Number of Satellites
  • Maximum Stations Per Satellite
  • Number of Programs
    16 per Satellite
  • Number of Start Times
    8 per satellite
  • Pedestal
    Plastic & Stainless Steel
  • Power
    Electrical input power - 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Output Power
    24 VAC, 1.0 amps/station
  • Surge Protection
    Options for 3 levels
  • Toro NSN Support Included
    Two years
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