• Innovative Nozzle Technology – The unique nozzle design minimizes water turbulence, which helps to maintain stream exit speed at the nozzle outlet. Resulting in higher radii at reduced flows. Nozzles are available in 16, 20, and 24 mm sizes.

  • Piston Drive System – A low maintenance piston drive system features an adjustable rotation speed between 50-120 seconds.

  • Integrated Valve-in-Head – Electric valve in head models feature ON/OFF/Auto control at the rotor, and provide individual management of each rotor to help ensure they perform at their highest level of efficiency.

  • Reduced Watering Time – High flow capability of up to 303 gallons per minute, in combination with adjustable rotation speed allows a synthetic turf field featuring a system of TS170 Series Rotors to be wet down in under ten minutes.

The piston-driven Toro TS170 Series long radius rotor is the irrigation solution of choice for the cooling and washing down of large synthetic turf fields. Capable of achieving a throw of 177 feet, the TS170 Series Rotor can be installed along the outer perimeter of the playing surface, which helps preserve player safety and maintain field aesthetics.

  • Radius
    111-177 feet
  • Flow
    Output Flow: 113-303 gallons per minute
  • Trajectory
  • Arc
    Part circle (30°-330°) / Full circle (360°)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    100 psi
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    145 psi
  • Minimum Operating Pressure
    60 psi
  • Inlet
    2” NPT Female
  • Pop-Up Height
  • Weight
    23 pounds (Block Style model) / 26 pounds (VIH model)
  • Cap Diameter
  • Operating Pressure
    100 psi
  • Dimensions
    20.8” H x 13.75” W (Block Style model) / 26.8” H x 13.75” W (VIH model)
  • Pattern
    Speed of Rotation (180° arc): 50-120 seconds
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Product Literature TS170 Series Rotor – Sell Sheet English PDF
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Manual TS170 Operating Manual English PDF
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