Lynx Smart Module

The Latest, Best-in-Class, Two-Wire Innovation from Toro that Provides More Control Than Ever Before

Sprinkler technology is getting smarter, and Toro’s Lynx® Smart Module is a perfect example. New for 2018, this component is the latest 2-wire control system technology from Toro, designed for INFINITY® and FLEX800™ sprinkler systems.

The Lynx Smart Module is the result of Toro’s intimate understanding of the needs of golf course superintendents and decades of engineering expertise. Key features include precision control, high-speed diagnostics and robust lightning protection — as well as the ability to make easy updates with the latest advancements. Here’s a closer look at what this new technology has to offer.

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Precision icon

The Lynx Smart Module makes it possible to control sprinkler run times down to +/- 1 second, which can lead to significant water savings and provides outstanding course results by preventing overwatering. For instance, if a golf course with 1,000 sprinklers at 20 gpm ran each sprinkler just 30 seconds less, that could save about 10,000 gallons every day.
Speed icon

Toro sprinklers are designed for extreme reliability, however, if the need arises, diagnostic information is quickly available. In fact, the Lynx Smart Module provides diagnostic data up to 10 times faster than other 2-wire brands. The system can provide diagnostic data for 1,000 sprinklers within seconds, allowing superintendents to address issues efficiently and reduce downtime.

Based on diagnostic information from Lynx Smart Modules, the Lynx course map can show the location of modules with parameters that are out of tolerance. The wire path volt and amp graph also shows both normal conditions and the location of any issues that may occur.

In addition to these features, an app is available to put all this diagnostic information in the palm of a superintendent’s hand. There is also a bar code app that lets users scan the barcode on a Lynx Smart Module to enable faster installation and replacement. Plus, diagnostic LED lights are visible from the top of every INFINITY sprinkler to aid in field troubleshooting if there is communication interference.
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Lynx Smart Module can be upgraded remotely with just a click, providing superintendents new features and benefits as they become available. That means customers can count on having the latest advancements at their fingertips.
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Each component of the Lynx Smart Module is designed with durability in mind and is built to withstand tough lightning conditions. The module also works with the Lynx Smart Hub to protect flow-managed irrigation schedules — even in the event of a central failure.