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  • Easily upgrade to the latest in water saving technologies while reducing water cost and creating healthier landscapes
  • Uses 42% less water when compared to standard spray nozzles
  • Ideal for small lawn and shrub areas. Half pattern, adjustable radius from 8' to 15'
  • Female thread

Easily upgrade existing systems to Water Smart® Irrigation technology. Female thread fits any Rain Bird®, Hunter® and Orbit® spray head bodies.

Save Water - Save Money

Check your local water agency for available rebates.

Patented H²0 Chip Technology

Using patented H²0 chip technology – and no moving parts – each Precision Series Spray nozzles creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius with 1/3 less water usage.

Increase Irrigation Efficiency

Precision™ Series Sprinkler Nozzles deliver an industry first-- 1" per hour precipitation rate make this nozzle family the most efficient while conserving water

  • Flow
    0.26 - 1.28 GPM
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    35 PSI
  • Radius
    8' to 15'
  • Pattern