Dingo® TX 525 Wide Track

  • Model: 22324
  • Patented TX control system
  • Liquid-Cooled Kubota diesel engine


Our diesel Dingo® TX models deliver what customers want: extra torque, longer engine life, and increased hydraulic flow for enhanced performance of ground-engaging attachments. The TX 525 offers amazing hydraulic power, delivering 13.8 gpm and pumping 24 hp to the attachment, yet has a ground pressure as low as 3.5 psi. And because they're part of the full-line family, these diesels are compatible with all of Toro's compact utility loader attachments.


Simple Controls
Simple Controls
You're up and running in a flash with three easy-to-use controls. 1) The joystick loader control lets you curl, dump or float the bucket while simultaneously raising or lowering the loader arms - all with one hand. 2) With your other hand, you can grab the one-hand traction drive from any angle, for effortless control. 3) The third control, the auxiliary circuit control lever, which can be activated while operating the traction drive, powers the attachments instantly.
4-Pump Hydraulic System
4-Pump Hydraulic System
4-pump hydraulic system lets you simultaneously operate the loader, bucket, traction, and auxiliary drives for increased operator efficiency. This system directs hydraulic power precisely where you need it!
Exclusive TX Track Drive
Exclusive TX Track Drive
Low center of gravity and large footprint increase stability on side hills and provide smooth operation over rugged terrain; eliminates tire ruts and flat tires.
Liquid-Cooled Diesel
Liquid-Cooled Diesel
The 23.3 hp (17.3 kw) Kubota diesel engines torque curve combined with the added auxiliary hp provide attachments the added power tough jobs require.


Air Filter Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Displacement (cc) 901
Displacement (cu. in.) 55
Dump Angle 38 degrees
Dump Height (cm) 117.1
Dump Height (inches) 46.1
Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model D902E3B
Fuel Tank (gallons) 6
Fuel Tank (liters) 23
Fuel Type Diesel
Ground Clearance (cm) 11.7
Ground Clearance (inches) 4.6
Ground Pressure 3.5 psi
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 4.5
Ground Speed Foward (km/h) 7.2
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 3.2
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 2
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 167.1
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 65.8
Hydraulic Flow Auxilary 13.8 gpm
Hydraulic Flow Traction 16.9 gpm (each pump)
Hydraulic Pressure 3000 PSI
Loader Arms Radial
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (HP) 23.3
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating (kW) 17.3
Max Operating Height (cm) 229
Max Operating Height (inches) 90.1
Oil Capacity (liters) 3.63
Oil Capacity (quarts) 3.84
Overall Height (cm) 117.1
Overall Height (inches) 46.1
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 233.7
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 92
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 180
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 70.7
Overall Width (cm) 104
Overall Width (inches) 41
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (kg) 251
Rated Operating Capacity - 35% of Tip Capacity (lbs) 553
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 55.4
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 21.8
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 10.5
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 40
RPM 3400
Tip Capacity (kg) 717
Tip Capacity (lbs) 1580
Track Length (inches) 96.6
Track Length(cm) 245
Track Width (cm) 24.1
Track Width (inches) 9.5
Tracks Sprocket-drive, 10 road wheels per side
Traction Dual Hydrostatic Pump
Weight (kg) 907
Weight (lbs) 2013
Wheelbase (inches) 31.2


TX Road wheel kit
TX Road wheel kit (Part # 106-7620)
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Reference Guide Kit, Dingo TX Compact Utility Loaders (Part # 107-9310)
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KIT-TX427/525 SNOW THROWER POWER (Part # 144-2512)
Light Kit
Light Kit (Part # 144-7101)
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DECAL KIT - HERC (Part # 145-6942)
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Adjustable Forks, TX 1000 Compact Utility Loaders (Part # 22341)
Standard Bucket
Standard Bucket (Part # 22409)
Light Materials Bucket
Light Materials Bucket (Part # 22410)
Utility Blade
Utility Blade (Part # 22414)
Bore Drive Head
Bore Drive Head (Part # 22420)
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Rod and Reamer Kit (Part # 22421)
Multi-Purpose Tool
Multi-Purpose Tool (Part # 22423)
Power Box Rake
Power Box Rake (Part # 22426)
Stump Grinder Attachment
Stump Grinder Attachment (Part # 22429)
Hydraulic Tree Forks
Hydraulic Tree Forks (Part # 22438)
Cement Bowl
Cement Bowl (Part # 22442)
Tiller (Part # 22445)
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Trencher Crumber (Part # 22464)
Trench Filler
Trench Filler (Part # 22472)
High Torque Trencher Head
High Torque Trencher Head (Part # 22473)
High Speed Trencher Head
High Speed Trencher Head (Part # 22474)
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TX Platform, Diesel-Powered TX Compact Utility Loader (Part # 22476)
4-in-1 Bucket
4-in-1 Bucket (Part # 22478)
Narrow Bucket
Narrow Bucket (Part # 22520)
Grapple Rake
Grapple Rake (Part # 22577)
Snow Thrower
Snow Thrower (Part # 22585)
High Torque Auger Power Head
High Torque Auger Power Head (Part # 22805)
Universal Swivel Auger
Universal Swivel Auger (Part # 22806)
Empty Image Container
18" Auger Bit (Part # 22814)
Empty Image Container
24" Auger Bit (Part # 22815)
Empty Image Container
30" Auger Bit (Part # 22816)
Empty Image Container
12" Auger Extension (Part # 22818)
Empty Image Container
24" Auger Extension (Part # 22819)
Empty Image Container
6" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22820)
Empty Image Container
9" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22821)
Empty Image Container
12" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22822)
Empty Image Container
15" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22823)
Vibratory Plow
Vibratory Plow (Part # 22911)
Soil Cultivator
Soil Cultivator (Part # 23102)
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Concrete Breaker, Dingo Compact Utility Loaders (Part # 23135)
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Dingo TX Unit Fit-up Kit (Part # 23162)
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Backhoe, Dingo Compact Utility Loader (Part # 23163)
Leveler (Part # 23165)