The typography system for Toro consists of the following typefaces and style guidelines for Toro-branded print materials. Employees should adhere to these guidelines to ensure consistency across the company and our global businesses.

Every print communications piece that we produce – brochure, print ad, or point of sale – can either strengthen or dilute our brand, and every interaction that our channel partners and end-user customers have with us helps to shape their experience with the Toro brand. To help protect and grow our brand equity, we must represent the brand consistently.

DIN Next LT Pro is the main font approved for use on all Toro print materials including: brochures, sell sheets, direct mail, flyers, print ads, point of sale (banners, signs, hang tags, PIDs), packaging (parts, mower cartons, irrigation, etc.), and trade-show signage.

Adobe Garamond is the complementary font and may be used if a serif font is needed, such as for captions, quotes, testimonials or reviews.

Arial / Calibri are the alternative fonts for use in such cases as: internal memos, temporary internal signage, announcements, distributor/dealer communications – (DABs, DOBs).