For more than a century, The Toro Company has grown its market leadership by the philosophy that if you value the customer and build a better product, people will buy it. The Toro brand is more than just our name and logo. It is a promise. For each and every product in the Toro family – from turf and landscape equipment to irrigation solutions – our brand represents a promise of quality, productivity, efficiency and timeless dependability to our channel partners and end customers. The Toro brand is the sum of who we are, what we represent, and the experiences people have with us.

A strong, consistent Toro brand provides context and support for our product brands. And this brand – this promise – has very tangible benefits.

Its value boosts market penetration for new products, creates a strong customer loyalty and reputation, supports the value proposition to sustain price premiums for our innovative products, and helps us maintain our leadership position in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To protect and grow the equity in our brand, we must represent Toro consistently. Every communications piece that we produce can either strengthen or dilute our brand. And every interaction that our channel partners and customers have with us – through our products, experiences with customer service, an advertisement or an article – shapes their expectations and defines the Toro brand for them. This consistency is even more important on a global scale, as we continue to strengthen our brand presence and leadership in international markets.

The Toro Company reserves the right to reject any usage where the Toro logo or name is not in alignment with our corporate image and/or policies. External parties, such as channel partners and vendors, cannot use the Toro name as part of URLs, social profile names or other such uses unless approved by Toro.

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