To get the most out of your equipment investment, it is important to have a good preventive maintenance program. Doing scheduled maintenance and adjustments will prolong the life of your equipment, help prevent expensive down time and give the best possible quality of cut and performance. Experience has shown that a high percentage of problems that occur in turf equipment have developed over a period of time and could have been prevented by adjustment, lubrication, or other required maintenance.

Follow the maintenance and adjustment recommendations listed in the Operator's Manual. Some products may also have a Quick Reference maintenance decal on the machine. Recommended maintenance intervals should be considered minimum requirements. If the equipment is operated in particularly harsh conditions, such as very hot weather, during the "grow in" period after construction, or on top dressed greens, these procedures may have to be performed more often.

Use original Toro parts when doing maintenance or repairs. These parts have been tested and designed for this specific, very demanding, application. “Will fit” parts may look the same and fit, but they can give totally different performance. Don’t take a risk on your important equipment investment by saving a little money now that can cost you expensive repairs or increased maintenance intervals later.

Maintenance Schedules and Record Keeping

Keep records for each machine to make sure these maintenance procedures are being performed at the proper time. These records will also help you predict parts inventory needs. If you keep a stock of required maintenance parts, such as filters, bed knives, belts and seals, you won’t be caught in a situation where important maintenance was not performed on schedule because of lack of parts.

Maintenance Schedules and Daily Maintenance Checklists are included in your Operator's Manual