There are a number of factors that can affect quality of cut, some of which may be turf conditions. Turf conditions such as excessive thatch, "sponginess" or attempting to cut off too much grass height may not always be overcome by adjusting the machine. It is important to remember that the lower the height of cut, the more critical these factors are.

Remember that the "effective" or actual height of cut depends on cutting unit weight, cutting unit accessories and turf conditions. Effective height of cut will be different than the bench set height of cut.

Factors That Affect Quality of Cut

  • Tire pressure.
  • Engine governed speed.
  • Reel bearing condition/adjustment
  • Reel and bedknife sharpness.
  • Bedknife parallel to reel.
  • Bedknife to reel contact.
  • Bedknife attitude (angle).
  • Roller(s) parallel to reel.
  • Height of cut.
  • Correct bedknife.
  • Cutting unit alignment and ground following.
  • Roller and roller bearing condition.
  • Reel speed.
  • Traction speed.
  • Cutting unit drop speed and sequence.
  • Cutting unit counterbalance or down pressure setting.