INFINITY Series & FLEX800 Series Golf Sprinklers

Superior uniformity and performance allow you to place water precisely where it’s needed — no more, no less.

  • Industry’s largest nozzle selection provides flexibility to optimize efficiency and uniformity
  • Exclusive Trujectory™ adjustment technology for maximum distribution uniformity
  • Full or part circle adjustability to alter coverage seasonally, to meet water reduction mandates and for separate irrigating between neighboring turf areas
  • Internal retrofit kits available to immediately upgrade older Toro, Rain® Bird EAGLE™ 900 and 1100* Series bodies

*Rain Bird is a registered trademark of the Rain Bird Corporation. EAGLE is a trademark of Rain Bird Corporation. 

Precision™ Spray & Rotating Products

Perfect for bunker surrounds to maintain excellent turf conditions without wasting water throwing into the bunkers.

  • 590GF pop-up spray bodies provide excellent performance in high sand locations and through        frequent top dressing applications
  • Precision™ spray nozzles patented design use 1/3 less water to achieve the distance of throw of more conventional nozzles
  • Precision™ rotating nozzles provide multiple rotating fingers of water that slowly apply water where runoff is of concern

Lynx® Central Control

Conveniently merges all essential irrigation information onto a single, intuitive interface to enable optimal water and resource management.

  • More precise information tools enable better decision making
  • Execute runtimes down to the second when combined with Toro’s Network VP or E-OSMAC field controls
  • Determine when & how much to water with integrated Turf Guard® sensors

Turf Guard™ Wireless Soil Monitoring System

Ideal for water savings on fairways and roughs.

  • Reduce water use and improve playability
  • Wirelessly use monitors soil moisture, salinity and temperature
  • Accurately track golf course soil conditions to precisely determine when to irrigate.
  • Can be used with ANY brand of irrigation system and integrates directly with Toro’s Lynx central control system

Landscape Drip Components

Toro’s full line of drip and micro spray products are ideal for individual trees, shrubs, and native ground covers.

  • Applies water in exact amounts precicisely where it is needed
  • Eliminates overspray and runoff
  • Reduces weed control efforts

DL2000™ Subsurface Irrigation

Ideal solution for watering tough to irrigate areas near bunkers, lakes, tee boxes and areas
where turf has been removed

  • Kit includes all necessary parts and detailed instructions for easy installation and operation
  • Applies water directly to turf root zone, eliminates overspray onto bunker sand
  • Minimizes water loss due to evaporation or runoff