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  • 3" (7.6 cm) height clears medium length grass
  • Use with any Toro Nozzle
  • Unique zero-flush seal prevents water waste at system start up
  • Superior retraction spring and seal ensures proper retraction and prevents water waste

570Z Pro Series 3" (7.6 cm) Pop-up Body for use with any Toro nozzle. Easily replace a damaged existing sprinkler head or create a custom sprinkler using any Toro nozzle and pop-up body combination.

Flush Plugs

Installed on all bodies, keeps debris out when flushing sprinkler lines.

1/2" (1.3 cm) NPT Inlet

Threads directly to standard 1/2" (1.3 cm) risers.

Water Smart®

Zero flush - no water loss at system start up.

Stainless Steel Retraction Spring

Professional-grade for reliable pop-up and retraction.

Superior Seal

Professional-grade seal protects the sprinkler from dirt and debris.


For fine-tuning arc adjustment after installation.

  • Body Diameter
    1 3/8" (3.5 cm)
  • Cap Diameter
    2" (5.1 cm )
  • Inlet
    1/2" (1.3 cm) NPT female threaded
  • Material
    Strong, durable ABS plastic
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    20-50 PSI